Lift Your Head Up High

So Kyle showed his video to one of the other teachers at his school and he asked Kyle to make a song/video about his class.

So Sunday when I woke up and went out to the garage to finish setting up my equipment, I grabbed my mixing board, PA and music computer from my brother in-laws Saturday, I stumbled upon the song below in my new collection. (About 2 weeks ago I fixed a buddies computer and as payment I snagged a copy of his 84+ Gb mp3 collection which I saved for him! ;-P)

Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow your Brains Out)

So now I just have to remix/rewrite the song for them. Doing good so far. Just started Sunday and already I have almost all the drum sounds figured out in Reason, I figured out the keyboard part but I’m debating whether I should record it by playing it on the keyboard or write it out in Reason, Tom came over last night and helped me figure out/played the guitar part for me to record.

So now I just have to finish writing out the drum parts, write/play the bass line (also debating on whether I should play/write) and figure out the horn parts towards the end.

Easy right!?

Click below for the “Latest Mix”

Updated 5/07/2009 2:48PM

Pretty much all I have left to do is find the screams/yells in the chorus parts and finish a few parts in the middle, that’s why the original song cuts in at points. And of course give it a good mix-down, still a tad rough around the edges! But Kyle and the guys might want to edit some parts out to make the song a little bit shorter so I will see what they want to do first.

My son, the wanna-be rapper and me his producer! Who’d of thunk it? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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