Kyles new project!

Kyle approached me last night saying he has a project to do in his marketing class. The project, of course, is a full blown marketing of a product.

So what do him and his friends come up with? A rap video! They found a song that was nothing but backing music and wrote lyrics about marketing to fit the song! They even named their “band” BWG (Bald With Glasses). That comes from all his friends in the project were all on the swim team with him so they all have had bald heads, and of course, they all wear glasses! They even went as far as to go to the salvation army to get all white clothes for them-selves and pose for their “album cover”! Friggin’ hilarious!

So they asked me to help record their hit single “The Market Place”. So I set them up with my studio mic and I recorded. I also set up our video camera so they could record the “recording session” for their video! You should have seen these guys. 3 teenage white boys trying to rap! They were having a blast!

Click the arrow below to hear their song.

They are shooting the video today during and after school so look for the finished product soon.

And here you go!

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