It’s upgrade time

This years upgrades are primarily consisting of what I would call infrastructure seeing I’m not really building a new machine or upgrading any processors. My workstation and servers are all multiple core/processor machines now with more than enough memory.

I’m upgrading all the wired networking in the house to Gigabit by replacing all the switches all the way up to the firewall. The only exception will be a 10/100 managed switch right before the firewall for packet sniffing purposes seeing my wife’s asshole ex insists on constantly harassing us. I figured it was about time seeing the majority of pc’s and laptops in the house are Gigabit now.

Along with the networking upgrade the security system is getting an upgrade too. I don’t want to say to much about this because it is the security for the premises of course, but suffice it to say I will be adding/upgrading the camera’s and going to a standalone unit instead of pc based.

As far as my pc goes, it’s only getting fresh hard drives and a video upgrade. I’m replacing the drives for my RAID 5 array from 3 WD-400GB to 3 Seagate 1TB drives. It should give me about a 1.7TB RAID5 array. It’s just going to suck formatting the drives. Last night I formatted a 1TB drive that I am using to store data on during the RAID switch and it took almost 3 hours to format. UUUGGGHHH! That means that it’s probably going to take 8-10 hours to format the 3 drives and initially set up/sync the array.

The video upgrade I’m replacing my dual XFX 756mb Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO’s with dual BFG 1GB GeForce GTS 250 GDDR3 cards. I won’t be running them in SLI mode seeing I use 4 monitors. Having multiple monitors makes work loads easier. I also use a program called Vista Virtual Desktops, seeing Nvidia took their multiple desktop functionality out, which lets me have multiple desktops along with multiple monitors. In other words, I can have each of my development apps running on/in their own space/desktop. Keeps the desktop clutter down to a minimum seeing at any given time I can have up to 5 major programs(memory/processor hogs) running, like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, SQL Server Management Studio, Outlook, Media Center(gotta have background noise) along with multiple browsers with multiple tabs open and all my monitoring utilities.


So other than that I got myself a few keyboards. One for my pc, a Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth wireless, rechargeable and a new one for my music pc. A Mini USB keyboard with a built in touchpad.

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