EVORAD Community Workstation

If any one is looking for a way to keep track of their medical history and examination results, I would highly recommend EVORAD Community Workstation. I was looking for some thing to read MRI results taken regarding my Cluster Headaches and Horner’s Syndrome. After figuring out that the results should come in a standard format called DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), I stumbled upon this application. I must admit it is a little clumsy at first to navigate around and figure out, but once you figure it out you’re golden!

screengrab1One of the best things about it is that it’s written in Java so it’s 100% portable! Well, as long as you have Java installed, which you should if you do any thing on the web now-a-days! It doesn’t install any thing locally except for a small Java Launcher file. No extra applications or ActiveX crap! Not only can you view most MRI, CAT scan, X-Ray images, you can keep track of your, and your family’s, medical history. (Click on image to the left for the full size image)

The only bad thing about it is that all of the lookup tables/fields aren’t populated. So you have to input doctors, body parts, exam types, etc… But this can all be entered as you come across them.

imaging1The imaging aspects of it are the coolest! When you fist load the images into the application it puts them under an examination. When you click on the examination containing your images you have 2 options to view the images, Images & Images 2. I usually select Images 2 because it only opens up 1 window with the actual image viewing are split into 4 areas. The Images button opens up 8 windows to view the images. When the image viewing app opens your image series are listed on the left. To view a series all you do is drag and drop it into the the section you want it in. (click on image to the right for the full size images/series)

So once you have your series loaded, all you do is scroll your mouse up and down and that will scroll through the series/animate it. If you click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse up/down it adjusts the brightness of the image while left/right adjusts the contrast.

vr_button1By far the coolest thing in the image viewing app is a sub-app that does “Volume Reconstruction” on the image series. In the toolbars at the top of the app there is a button that looks like a brain with a diagonal square around it called “MPR”. The best way to explain it is that it gives you the ability to browse around the MRI/CAT series in 3 dimensions. (click on image to the left for the full size images/series)