Chicagoland DNS poisoning

image001 From what I can tell at this time the Chicagoland area is experiencing a DNS poisoning problem. I work for a website called We started getting emails from our customers as early as last night that when they went to our website they were receiving a bogus search page as seen in the image to the right. We assumed at the time it was probably a local virus on the customers machine.

Then this morning we started receiving more and more emails asking if our website was bought out, if we were infected in some way. So upon further investigation we found that there was DNS poisoning happening widespread among different networks in the Chicagoland area. To test this I tried going to our website on my mobile phone, a Sprint HTC Touch running Windows Mobile 6.x. If I went to just I would get the bogus search page. if I went to our website came up.

As of right now 3:07pm CST the problem is still occurring on my mobile phone. My regular workstation and my servers are all ok meaning Comcast DNS has not been compromised yet.

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